Thrive by 5: Foundation Workshop Full Notes - page 4

us is: what is that village? I look atmy family and some
aregetting support and some are not getting support,
those two childrenwill meet in school, onewill be in the
topendof the 75% and theother will be struggling in
BrennaAtnikov, LeadingBoldly
Object: TibetanBells -my role is to capture learning
andwisdom from this group aswe co-create a newECD
system, and tohelp us ‘tune-in’ towhat’s happening and
makeus a reallywise team together
LeannWagner,Ministry of Human Services
I figureout how to take thegreat ideas and turn
them into actions for thegovernment, how toget
them approved and how to respond tomedia. I bring
creativity.Oneofmy jobs is to look outside and figure
out how toget from here to there. AsABpursues ECD, I
figureout how to take all that and turn it into actions for
Sheryl Fricke, TogetherWeRaise Tomorrow
(Government of Alberta)
Object:Music – I believe there are three thingsweneed
todo: celebrate joy; beopen to learning; and, take
what wedo seriously but not ourselves too seriously.
I lovedancingwithmy grandchild,makingmusicwith
my children and friends; playing in a jazz band, etc.
Lets challengeour assumptions about what brings joy,
learning, openness, remember to keep that joy andpass
it on
AlishaDevji, TheNorlien Foundation
Object: ABrain - to represent the knowledgeof
brain science. TheFoundationplays a leading role as
knowledgebrokers, to comewith information to these
kinds of dialogues.
Shared artifacts
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