A young child smiles while sitting at her school desk.

Creating a better future for all Calgarians

United Way invests in local programs and collaborations that drive social change in three key areas: poverty, kids, and communities. This work ensures youth can finish high school on time, seniors are cared for, everyone has enough to eat, a safe home is the standard, and people have access to counselling, training and mentoring.


unique individuals accessed programs United Way invested in 2015

Almost 500 people / day

accessed programs and initiatives throughout 2015


Stories from the community

Calgary is more than a place. It is a community of people. And our city will only be great if everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Sama smiles at the camera while sitting at a desk


Removed from her abusive home, Sama was supported by positive adults who helped her build a bright future.

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Mark's son Gage smiles at himself in a mirror while in his playschool class


When his son was born with Down syndrome, Mark suddenly realized how vital community supports could be.

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An elderly man, Archie, with white hair smiles on a bench in his neighbourhood


Feeling isolated in his home, Archie wanted to be more involved in his neighbourhood.

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Michaella stands against a fence waiting for the bus to school


Getting back to school wasn't easy, but it's helped Michaella realize her potential.

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Nathan stands on a bridge in Calgary's Bowness neighbourhood


Raised in poverty, Nathan knows the impact it can have on a family – and the importance of accessing help.

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Louise smiles while telling her story of recovery


After experiencing domestic violence, Louise relied on the support of family and the community to begin to heal.

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Amy stands against a wall in a bright shirt


Forced to leave school to take care of her mother, Amy found it difficult to return to finish high school.

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Jeremy pauses mid-sentence while telling his story


Youth homelessness can have a lasting impact on a young person, which is why Jeremy works with homeless youth.

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Sarah holds her tea cup while looking out the window of her home


Illness has had a huge impact on Sarah's family, and asking for financial help was difficult.

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LeeAnne crosses beside a community centre in Bowness, Calgary


After years spent living in poverty, LeeAnne found the supports she needed to change her family's life.

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The Social Equation

The Social Equation tells the story of critical social issues facing Calgarians. By strengthening each part of the equation, we will create infinite possibilities for our city.

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Home is written with light in front of a dark community arena

Overcoming poverty opens up opportunities and positively impacts quality of life.

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A group of three girls smiles while hugging one another

Successful kids are the future of our city.

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A young woman holds bushels of fresh carrots while standing in a community garden

Strong communities connect and strengthen all Calgarians.

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