A male senior sits on a bench in his community, smiling at the camera.

A supportive and caring community is everything.

Archie had lived in his neighbourhood since his children were born. His kids eventually grew up and moved on to start their own families, so it was just Archie and his wife for the past few years. They would always sit on the porch and chat with their neighbours as they walked by. After his wife passed away a few months ago, Archie felt wrong to go out on the porch by himself. As time went by, he began to feel more and more alone.

1 in 4 seniors over 65 lives alone, which increases their risk of social isolation.

Archie knew he needed help connecting with his community again.

He saw a poster for a seniors’ agency and gave them a call, really needing someone to talk to. The people at the agency were so nice to Archie, he started telling them about his life and how he was feeling. Now, people come to visit Archie. They actually want to help. Archie finally feels like he matters again.

Archie is Calgary.

A supportive community is everything to Archie. Friends and visitors mean Archie is able to participate and engage in the services, resources and supports his neighbourhood offers. Our city needs people like you to support United Way, so that Calgarians like Archie are able to feel safe and supported by their communities.


Calgary is a community of people. Meet a few of the 177,000 people like Archie who were helped in 2015.

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