A middle aged woman looks out the window of her home while holding a hot cup of tea.

Staying on top of finances after job loss is everything.

Up until last year, Sarah felt like she had a normal life. Her career was on track and things at home were great.

During the downturn this all changed.

Sarah lost her job and shortly after, her husband, Dan, was diagnosed with a rapidly progressing degenerative disease. The couple was shocked. As Dan became unable to work and moved into an assisted living facility, Sarah’s stress built. Emotionally, she felt lost. Debt was piling up quickly. What they had worked so hard to build together was unravelling fast.

Sarah knew she needed help.

She finally reached out and found a program to help her pay for bills and cover Dan’s living facility.

Without worrying about how to make ends meet, Sarah is focusing on getting back into the workforce and finding employment to help relieve her financial pressures. Even though things are still tough, Sarah feels like she can make it.

Sarah is Calgary.

Access to basic needs support meant Sarah and Dan could redirect their focus on emotionally supporting each other. Our city needs people like you to support United Way, so Calgarians can remove barriers to shelter, food and security when it’s needed most.


Calgary is a community of people. Meet a few of the 177,000 people like Sarah who were helped in 2015.

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