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Why do you work so hard for the Calgary Community?

I think because I’m surrounded by people who are working hard and seeing them both succeed and have fun is addictive.  I can’t think of a Canadian city that is undergoing a bigger transition than Calgary. It’s amazing. Why wouldn’t I want to be a part of that!


What about Calgary inspires you to get involved in your community? 

A lot of people think of Calgary as an oil and gas city, but I’ve always been inspired by the entrepreneurs of the city.  Look at Village Ice Cream. They opened an ice cream shop in a city that snows for eight months of the year, then they did it in a spot that many Calgarians wouldn’t dare visit….but it worked. Now it’s busy every day of the year and they just opened their second shop.  They were smart, had a delicious product and a really great story. How can you not be inspired by that?


What is the most daring thing you’ve seen Calgarians do to help each other out?

I think every Calgarian was inspired by so many after the flood in 2013.  I honestly didn’t know a city could come together so quickly and effectively. Now more than two years later, there’s still community events that celebrate everyone coming together.  Calgary lost a lot during the flood, but it’s what we gained that’s really amazing.


How can we create a culture of philanthropy among Gen Y or millennials in our city?

I think things like social media have given every a bigger voice than they ever used to have. All of a sudden their Twitter account or Instagram feed is a news outlet. I think if Gen Y can see not only that people all around them are working hard to make Calgary a better city, but that they can help out and get involved, than the positive results will be endless.


Why is this important?

Calgary is definitely a growing and inspiring city, but we need people to keep working hard for everyone to enjoy the results. Things like social media are fun for taking photos of your trips and food, but it can also be used for a lot of good and there can never be enough good people doing great things!

Mike Morrison Dares Calgarians from United Way of Calgary and Area on Vimeo.