A group of employees smile after winning a competition as part of their workplace campaign. Photo: Alberta Energy Regulator

To help make your campaign the best ever, these are a few key points and resources to help you get started.


1. Recruit your team

Bring people together from across the organization, including different departments and positions. Try including a management or executive sponsor to help support your campaign within the organization.


Campaign committee positions

Recruiting ambassadors


2. Set your campaign dates, theme, and goal

Once you have your team, decide how long your campaign will run, when it will start, what your organization’s goal is, and think about your campaign theme. By centering your campaign on a common theme, you can gain momentum and organize events and incentives around that theme. Setting goals, such as participation, fundraising, or even a Leadership Giving goal, can help drive participation with your campaign.


Campaign timing templates

Campaign theme ideas

Learn about Leadership Giving


3. Plan some activities

Help connect your campaign to United Way’s work and the impact of a donation through events, speakers, videos, tours, simulations, or other activities.


Take a look at available activities

Campaign event ideas


4. Make giving easy

We have a variety of giving options. Work with your campaign manager to decide what works best for your workplace. Promote payroll deductions as a donation option; it’s easy, convenient, and an affordable way to spread your donation over the year.


Donation options

Donation forms

Setting up payroll deductions


5. Get the word out and have fun!

Share simple messages about your campaign. Plan how and when communications will be delivered so people aren’t inundated and your messages are as effective as possible. Hang posters around your office, share messages through email or your intranet, drop brochures in lunch rooms, and send out updates. Have fun and make your campaign your own!


Sample communications plan

Campaign posters, banners & brochures



6. Share your success and say thank you

After your campaign ends, share your results with your staff. Communicate your totals and share how that will improve lives for Calgarians. Thank everyone who contributed both financially and as a volunteer.


Thank you certificates

Impact calculator

Order thank you cards