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No matter your campaign theme or goals, these resources will help you engage your co-workers while having a fun campaign!


Include Ambassadors

Ambassadors play an integral role in any United Way workplace campaign. These vital volunteers should believe in United Way’s work and be supporters themselves. Ambassadors rally co-workers, answer questions and provide information on United Way’s work and giving options, return cash and cheque donations to their campaign team, and thank supporters.

Learn how to become an Ambassador with our Ambassador Guide

Contact your campaign manager to set up a training session


Share Leadership Giving

Anyone in any workplace can become a Leadership Donor, giving $1,200 to $9,999 annually to United Way. Including information about Leadership Giving is a great way to show co-workers how they can have broader impact in their community.

Use some Leadership Giving materials {coming August 2017}

Share the annual Honour Roll

Learn more about Leadership Giving


Activate the next generation

Millennials, those 20-40 years old, make up approximately 31% of the Calgary workforce and are the next generation of your company and our city. Engaging young professionals in your United Way workplace campaign will help engage them in your business while positively impacting the community.

Use the Gen Next toolkit for ideas to engage this demographic {coming August 2017}

Share our impact calculator to see the impact you have

Book an activity to engage millennials

Learn more about our Gen Next initiative


Engage retirees

United Way is a great way to keep your organization's retired employees involved and active in their community while remaining part of your organization's team. As retirees, they are part of one of the fastest growing segments of our population and have the greatest capacity and inclination to give back to the community.

Use this retiree campaign plan to engage retirees

Share this information with people as they retire from your organization

Send one of these donation forms with retirees: with pension or without pension