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Be core to change in Calgary.

Core Donors are core to the work of fighting poverty, helping kids thrive, and building strong communities in the Calgary area. Donors like you make a collective investment by giving $1 to $1,199, making Calgary a great city for all.

Sama is a survivor thanks to the support of United Way and various agencies throughout Calgary. Your investment has made her life, and the lives of many others like her, remarkably better. Watch her video below to see the impact of your investment.



Core Cabinet

United Way is appreciative of the dedicated volunteers who make up the newly introduced Core Cabinet. These talented volunteers ensure that Core Donors are engaged with the social issues in Calgary and are aware of the opportunities to make a difference in their community.

Committee Members:

Karen Camarta – Enbridge Inc.  
Anna Davison – Imperial
Matthew Hayes - Nordstrom

Don't know how much you should give, or the impact that investment could have? Check out our Impact Calculator.