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We value your investment and work diligently to invest it where it is needed most in the community. You are making a meaningful and measurable difference in the lives of many Calgarians.

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Tax Credits of Charitable Giving*

Giving to United Way has many benefits, both to our community and to you. Your donation of cash, securities, and other assets are eligible for charitable tax credits, which can reduce the federal and provincial income tax you pay each year.

The following chart illustrates the considerable tax savings Core Donors receive at various levels of giving:

core tax chart

First Time Donor Super Credit (FDSC)

The government of Canada has introduced a tax incentive. This additional 25% in tax credits on donations of up to $1,000 is for first time donors, or donors who haven't claimed a donation since 2007. You can learn more about this new incentive on Canada Revenue Agency's website.

The difference the FDSC makes on a donation of $365:

First Time Donor Super Credit 365 donation












*Tax returns may vary. This example does not take all possible tax situations into account.