Ashley Anderson, Partner, The DRYVER Group

With over ten years of experience in leadership development, sales, team optimization, organizational programing, and corporate training, Ashley Anderson brings a unique ability to truly harness the power of human capital both within and between organizations.

Holding a degree in International Relations and Economics, Ashley’s multi-disciplinary history has allowed her a breadth of experience within leadership and consultancy roles, continually discovering ways to enhance the strengths and processes of her clients both domestically, and internationally.

Having successfully transformed organizations ranging from grassroots startups, to multi-million dollar organizations, Ashley continually promotes and facilitates the development of transparent, accountability based, performance management oriented cultures. Ashley thrives when business executives and their teams learn to create success by design, rather than by default.

Ashley has been involved with the United Way of Calgary and Area for several years, serving as Vice Chair of Gen Next and representing Gen Next at Campaign Cabinet. She is currently Chair of the United Way’s Gen Next strategic engagement initiative and ex officio Board member to the United Way Board of Directors.