Strong Communities. A woman stands in a community garden holding bunches of carrots

Community Hubs

Building strong, supportive, and inclusive communities. Because where we live matters.

Seven Community Hubs serving more than 200,000 Calgarians are being planned for over the next five years (2017-2021) in the communities of Bowness, Greater Forest Lawn, North of McKnight, Sunalta, Village Square, and Vista Heights.

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The Community Hubs initiative is a partnership between United Way of Calgary and Area, The City of Calgary, and Rotary Club of Calgary, in support of the Enough for All Strategy, specifically:

  1. All Calgary communities are strong, supportive, and inclusive
  2. Everyone in Calgary can easily access the right supports, services, and resources

Key Features of Community Hubs - residents engage in the planning, design, and implementation. Welcome and inclusive gathering spaces to connect neighbours with one another and their community. Platforms to spark community economic development activities. Access to supports, services, and resources in the Hub and other community locations.

“This is the first partnership of its kind in Canada where a United Way, municipal government, and service club are taking on a neighbourhood initiative at this scale,” says Karen Young, President, United Way of Calgary and Area. “2016 was a foundational year with the investment in the first two hub sites at Village Square, and 1000 Voices at the Genesis Centre. We look forward to building on and learning from these models as we work with communities to activate the other sites.”

Acting as a ‘community living room’ of sorts, Community Hubs are easily accessible gathering places for residents to connect, socialize, plan, and host community activities. They will house resources and services identified as needed by the community, and serve as a platform to ignite conversations on things with local impact.

Education, employment, financial literacy, resident involvement and leadership; kids recreation programs, childcare, and youth initiatives; counselling, food hamper distribution, connecting isolated seniors, and assisting new immigrant families. These are just some of the things Community Hubs are looking at offering with the goal of helping individuals and communities thrive.

The true power of Community Hubs lies in their uniqueness to reflect local needs and desires. Empowering residents to shape and build the kind of community they want to live in and raise their families in.

Hub openings will be staggered as community planning evolves and funding becomes available. Three key milestones move each Hub from planning to activation.


Understand the community and engage stakeholders for action


Adopt a unified hub vision and design


Mobilize resources and develop governance and operations structures

For more information on the Community Hubs initiative and how you can be a part of positive community change that makes a lasting and meaningful difference for families and individuals, please contact Andrea Wall, Project Manager, Community Hub Initiative, or call 403-231-6280

“Our neighbours’ strengths truly are our strengths. All Calgarians deserve to grow up in a community that is invested in their success. Community Hubs connect residents with each other and provide access to important supports and resources, when and where they need them.”

Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary

Partnering to achieve common goals

The Community Hubs initiative is a partnership between United Way of Calgary and Area, The City of Calgary, and Rotary Club of Calgary.

Since 2008, United Way and The City have been working on a neighbourhood building strategy, which evolved into the Enough for All Strategy. Both organizations are contributing financial, strategic, and staffing resources to Community Hubs in support of Enough for All.

In December 2016, the Rotary Club of Calgary approved the initiative as its next multi-year Signature Legacy Project, which will see a $2M investment over five years. As a founding partner, Rotary’s role in this initiative will go beyond funding to include hosting events, volunteering, and program support within the Hubs.

In the fall of 2017, ENMAX Corporation, Pembina Pipeline Corporation, and Shell Canada Limited joined the Innovator's Circle in support of Community Hubs with donations between $350,000 - $500,000.

While the work of each organization spans across the city in many different ways to support people from every walk of life, the common goal of our collective work is the same: to make Calgary a great place for all by improving lives and supporting communities to be extraordinary.

We believe in investing in our communities and supporting the people in them. We are standing shoulder to shoulder because we believe the Community Hubs initiative:

  • Builds strong communities by connecting people and fostering social inclusion, belonging and community attachment
  • Involves the community in decision making
  • Empowers residents to influence their community and lead change in their neighbourhoods
  • Supports them in transforming their ideas into actions

No one person or organization can do everything on their own. To offer all the things that enrich people’s lives is a collective effort.

The Community Hubs initiative is possible because of partnership, contributing donors through United Way’s Community Hubs Signature Initiative, and community residents. We’re all in this together.

“Rotary is excited to partner on this initiative that will bring important services and connections to thousands of kids and families across Calgary; strengthening our city for future generations.”

Sid Mark, President, Rotary Club of Calgary