A group of Indigenous drummers play and chant together while others dance. Photo credit: Elijah Beaver

The Indigenous Advisory Committee is a special committee of the Board. The purpose of the Indigenous Advisory Committee is to advise and support United Way staff and management on bringing forward Indigenous worldviews, perspectives, knowledge, and practices for consideration and knowledge-building into United Way’s decision-making process.

The Indigenous Advisory Committee advises on the implementation of United Way’s Strategic Plan and ensures alignment with the organizational Indigenous strategy. It assists the organization to create and operate in “ethical space,” which brings Indigenous and Western worldviews together in a safe and respectful space, to learn and feel comfortable in working together, and to build protocols, and common purposes.

The ultimate goal is to enhance the strength and nimbleness to respond to community need, and to create strong relationships with Indigenous communities that are based on mutual respect and reciprocity.

Members of the committee include United Way staff, local Elders, and Indigenous representatives from government, education, and corporate Calgary.