Kathryn hugs her son Teague

When Teague was young he struggled to keep up with kids his age. His poor communication skills made it impossible to connect and form friendships with other kids. By the time he started camp at age six, he was virtually nonverbal and suffered from anxiety. As a parent, watching your child suffer like that can be heart-breaking.

When we first enrolled Teague in a Between Friends summer camp, we had no idea just how much it would change our lives. The camp provided him with opportunities to meet kids with similar to him and to participate in fun activities like horseback riding, rock climbing and canoeing. He was encouraged to challenge and develop his abilities in a safe environment while surrounded by kids who were just like him. We saw a huge boost in his confidence, and his abilities and willingness to try new things. It’s heartwarming to see those skills develop in your child.

Accessing supports funded by United Way has been a life-changer for our family. Teague has grown into a confident, resolute young man with a close group of friends he’s had for almost a decade now. The friendships he forged in that camp have provided him with a sense of belonging and acceptance that have changed his life.

The great thing about United Way is they touch all areas of our community. So, when you give, you’re not just giving to one organization; you’re helping our entire community.


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