LeeAnne stands with her husband and three daughters.

Accessing support can change everything.

LeeAnne grew up believing she didn’t deserve happiness. When she found out she was pregnant with her first daughter, she was overwhelmed – she was just 20 years old, in a bad relationship, and living in poverty.

For LeeAnne and her daughter, every day was a struggle, but LeeAnne did whatever she could to make Joanna’s life better. There were days she would go without food, drinking water to distract herself from how hungry she was.


LeeAnne was able to move out of poverty with the support of United Way-funded programs, and when she and her family moved to Calgary, they accessed programs here to help them get ahead. Her kids were able to access toys and books, her family could access supports, and LeeAnne was able to deal with the depression that had surrounded her since childhood.

LeeAnne is Calgary.

Poverty can so easily become intergenerational. With the help she received, LeeAnne was able to break that cycle.


Calgary is a community of people. Meet a few of the 177,000 people like LeeAnne who were helped in 2015.

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