Calgary firefighter Sean Hoy smiles while talking about his volunteer work with at-risk youth

Speaking to youth about career options

Sean Hoy is passionate about educating young people on the many paths to success. He volunteers with All In for Youth’s Career Talks program, chatting with youth about his career path to becoming a Calgary firefighter.

As someone who changed careers twenty years after graduating high school, Sean knows life’s journey is not always clear-cut. He uses his experience to connect with youth.

“I talk about life, how I ended up in the job I’m in now. I didn’t become a firefighter until after working in the arts for 20 years.”

6,854 meaningful connections have been made between Calgary youth and positive adults through programs like Career Talks and tutoring.

Sean’s career change came at a time when he wanted to get more involved in the community. He was attracted to the hands-on help he could offer through firefighting. Despite joining the department after completing a degree and years in a different career, Sean’s experience taught him that success can take many forms.

“Sometimes it’s a difficult road to get where you need to go, but if you’re willing to put the work in, it’s attainable. This message makes youth more resilient and able to succeed.”

He says understanding what accomplishment looks like beyond having money and a car is a part of what motivates youth to find what they’re passionate about.

“You don’t graduate high school and suddenly become an adult,” he adds. “It takes years to find out who you are and that’s okay.”

Sean knows that for at-risk youth, having engaging and casual conversations at the Career Talks can really take the pressure off graduating, especially when at-risk youth are already facing multiple barriers to success.

Sitting down and supporting youth can make all the difference for a young person facing the uncertainty of life after high school, and Sean knows for young Calgarians, connections through All In for Youth can make a huge impact on their future successes.


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