Travis stands in Prospect's offices, where he received help through a United Way funded program

At 23, I found out I had mental health issues.

I am Calgary.

It made it difficult to function, be around others, and hold a job.

After a decade of learning to accept my condition and becoming more stable on medication, I was finally ready to look for work and gain my independence. I was nervous about my ability to get a job, and worried about my social and stress management skills after being unemployed for so long.

Prospect’s staff provided me with the support I needed in my job search and applications. They made sure I had a continued relationship with my psychiatrist, helped me find a position that was a good fit, and gave me interview practice. Through Career Links, I also received training in stress and relationship management so I would have the skills needed to keep my job.

I’m proud to say that I have been working at a job I enjoy for a year now. My new sense of independence has given me hope and a positive outlook for a brighter future. I plan to write a book so that other people who have experienced what I have will know that they are not alone.

We are all Calgary.

Together, we are all stronger. Meet a few of the 178,700 people like Travis who were helped in 2016.

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