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January 20, 2016

Positive Adult-Youth Connections Make a Difference

On Thursday, January 21st, almost 150 community members, leaders, school districts, school staff and partners are gathering at the All In for Youth School Summit to identify further opportunities to increase school completion rates. The School Summit comes as All In for Youth celebrates 4,000 positive adult-youth connections through mentoring, Success Coaches, free tutoring and career connection talks and workplace visits.

All In for Youth is an initiative born out of a desire to improve our city's school completion rate and give youth the opportunity for a bright and successful future. The "All In" initiative brings together community, corporate partners, school districts and philanthropists committed to encouraging youth to remain in and return to school to complete their education.

The All In for Youth School Summit will focus on the importance of communities actively supporting school staff in their work with students. Attendees will share best practices and learnings to advance All In for Youth’s two bold goals: to connect 3,000 positive adults with youth and decrease the high school dropout rate by 50% by 2017. All In for Youth has already surpassed its first bold goal by achieving 4,000 positive adult-youth connections.

Learn more about All In for Youth on their website.