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Capacity Building Opportunities

United Way of Calgary and Area has a history of supporting the development and overall capacity of non‐profit organizations within Calgary. For more than a decade the organization has offered capacity building grants in a variety of areas.

Please see our Resources page for Capacity Building tools and resources >

Request for Proposals

There are no current capacity building Request for Proposals.

The GAIN Team

Group for Assisting and Improving Non-profits

United Way of Calgary and Area has assembled a group of private and public sector leaders to form the GAIN Team. This team of professionals volunteers time to help not-for-profit organizations improve operations and leverage their assets by growing capacity in five areas:

  • Board Governance Assessment and Supports
  • Strategy and Business Plan Renewal
  • Financial Planning
  • Leadership Coaching
  • IT Assessment

The focus of the GAIN Team is to build agency capacity in areas which will allow for improved outcomes and sustained performance, learn more here.

If your organization is interested and ready to work with the GAIN Team, please contact your United Way Planner.

If you are a professional who would like to exercise your leadership skills and share your knowledge with non-profit leaders as part of the GAIN Team, please contact Heather Innes, Lead, Volunteers, United Way of Calgary and Area at , or learn more here.


Capacity Building Partners


KPMG partners with United Way to support capacity building in the non-profit sector. KPMG hosts training events through their Not-for-Profit Seminar Series. The series is designed to address the operational and accounting issues currently confronting charitable organizations.

Check out KPMGs video on YouTube: KPMG Partners with United Way.

The Calgary FoundationCalgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO), Propellus and The City of Calgary FCSS provide capacity building grants to non-profit organizations in Calgary. Please visit their sites for more information.