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Developing the Capacity of the Board Chair

United Way and Gahlinger Consulting Inc. created the following tools, examples and presentations to help your organization develop the capacity of its Board and Board Chair. 


Capacity Building Self-Assessment Toolkit

United Way has developed a toolkit comprised of best practices relating to organizational effectiveness. This toolkit is used as part of United Way's funding review process. It is now available for agencies to use as a self-assessment tool. The toolkit was created through an analysis of Peter York’s work at TCC Group.

The toolkit is broken down into areas of organizational effectiveness. Each area contains simple yes/no questions to make it easy to see where an agency might want to invest resources or apply for a capacity building grant. Answering "yes" to a question means your organization has that aspect in place. If you answer "no" consider how your organization would benefit from adopting the item or practice.


To learn more about Capacity Building, please read the following literature reviews and resources:


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