Videos are a great way to show your workplace the impact their support has in the community. Below are a few of the videos you may want to use in your campaign. To access all United Way videos, please visit: YouTube channel or Vimeo channel.



Show the impact of a donation

Learn about the impact of your donation and show your co-workers why their support matters. These videos range from 30 seconds to four minutes, and tell some of the stories of people helped by United Way.

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Poverty: Ken’s impact story

Ken had a good education, a good job, and a great family. Then his life changed overnight.

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Kids: Nuhaa’s impact story

Nuhaa’s family had to leave Syrian when it became too dangerous to stay. When she started school, eight-year-old Nuhaa felt lonely, isolated, and sad.

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Community: Humaira’s impact story

Humaira gave up a lot to be where she is today. It’s not easy for a South Asian woman to leave a marriage.

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Our Way Forward

Over the past year, we've talked to hundreds of people, asked countless questions, and worked with our partners to create our new way forward. Our original purpose remains unchanged – to improve lives through the power of communities. This strategic plan provides a compass to deepen community impact, inspire, and demonstrate excellence


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Leadership Giving

Share these inspiring videos with anyone interested in becoming a Leadership Donor or joining Women United.




Share this valuable resource and drive engagement with your campaign. Real calls like these happen every day. 211 is a 24/7 helpline available in over 150 languages that connects people with supports.