United Way's Sponsored Employee Program offers a unique professional, personal and community development experience for the leaders of tomorrow - your up and coming employees. By participating in our program you not only make a meaningful and measurable investment in the community, you also make an investment in your employee and your business. Our program provides a great way to increase the profile of your organization and give your staff the opportunity to discover and develop untapped skills, build confidence and become a more efficient employee.

The Role: Campaign Associates

Employees loaned or sponsored to United Way through the Sponsored Employee Program help to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate United Way's annual Workplace Campaign. They are a key resource during campaign and, with their help, we can be confident that we are developing and managing campaigns that will result in the greatest impact for the community. Campaign Associates receive professional training and experience in fundraising, project management, public speaking, sales, communications and marketing, negotiation, strategic analysis and planning as well as improved leadership, management and team-building skills.

The Benefits

Getting involved is good for business, employees and the community!

By joining the Sponsored Employee Program you increase staff morale, demonstrate your commitment to your community and you also gain a recharged employee that has learned new skills, absorbed fresh insights and ideas, made important contacts, is more confident and understands the community better.

United Way values our partners and will recognize your contribution wherever possible. This includes formal online recognition, co-branding opportunities, and further public recognition where appropriate and possible.

How to Participate

Loan one or more of your employees to participate in the Sponsored Employee Program or provide sponsorship dollars so United Way can hire a Campaign Associate on your behalf.

How to Apply

To loan or sponsor a Campaign Associate for the program, please contact Paige Ross. If you would like to become a sponsored Campaign Associate, please check our Careers page for current opportunities.


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