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Your investment will be directed to where it will make the greatest impact in our city. United Way offers many engaging ways to expand your knowledge and learn more about the issues that affect Calgary.

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No matter the size of your investment with United Way, you will be impacting the lives of individuals and families in our city. In 2016, over 178,771 unique individuals accessed programs or initiatives in which United Way invests. 

Learn about the impact your gift could have on our Impact Calculator.

Can You Make the Month?

Make the Month is an interactive digital poverty simulation that enables Canadians to experience living at or below the poverty line and face decisions that will either make or break the month. This interactive experience shows Canadians the realities of surviving day-to-day, paycheque-to-paycheque and the impact that has on your overall well-being.

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Core Donors make a collective impact by giving up to $1,199 annually. Last year alone, Core Donors collectively contributed $5.9M. United Way of Calgary and Area has plenty of resources to help you grow the Core Donor base in your campaign; you can take a look at a few of our helpful materials and tools below.

Core Donor Materials & Tools

Use these postcards to inform people in your workplace about the impact of United Way and how they can be involved in making a difference in our city as a Core Donor.


Core Donor Logo

 Our logo may be used to help promote your workplace campaign. Please review our logo guidelines and standards before using our logo or call us at 403-231-6265 for more details.

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Impact of Your Gift Videos

Videos are a great way to communicate during campaign. Embed them in an email or post them on your company’s intranet to engage your workplace. 

Nathan's story (3:42)

Growing up in poverty in Bowness, Nathan's family faced many of the tough decisions that 10% of all Calgarians who live in poverty regularly experience.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Sama's story (3:03)

Removed from her abusive mother at 15, Sama entered the foster system. Feeling depressed and confused, she reached out for help and found her voice.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Mark's story (3:38)

A happy addition to Mark's family, Gage was born with Down syndrome. He receives support to ensure he reaches the same milestones as other children his age.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

LeeAnne's story (4:23)

LeeAnne has three amazing, healthy daughters today because of the support she received from United Way-funded programs.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Jeremy's story (4:07)

Jeremy's personal ties to homeless youth have shaped his life working to advocate for vulnerable youth in Calgary.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Louise's story (4:15)

Louise escaped a life shrouded by domestic violence and is now a proud advocate in Calgary.

Watch on: Youtube | Vimeo

Impact Speakers

Invite one of our speakers to your United Way workplace campaign to share their powerful story and inspire others to give. Request a speaker to share their story during your Workplace Campaign and inspire others to give. To book a speaker, please fill out our online booking form.


Spirits of Gold – Core to the Community Award

This annual awards and recognition gala celebrates the spirit and generosity of the people, organizations, agencies and workplaces that displayed outstanding leadership and dedication during our annual campaign. The Core to the Community Award recognizes organizations and employees who demonstrate outstanding giving at the Core level. You can visit our Spirits of Gold page for more information.

Engaging Gen Next

Learn how to involve the young professionals in your workplace campaign and grow the next generation of Core Donors at your organization with our Gen Next toolkit.

Retain Retirees

When employees leave your workplace, there is still an opportunity to engage them as Core Donors. See how you can engage retirees in your campaign with our Retirees Toolkit.

Contact Us

If you are looking for additional support for Core Donors or to update your contact information, please contact our Core Giving team.

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Be core to change in Calgary.

Core Donors are core to the work of fighting poverty, helping kids thrive, and building strong communities in the Calgary area. Donors like you make a collective investment by giving $1 to $1,199, making Calgary a great city for all.

Sama is a survivor thanks to the support of United Way and various agencies throughout Calgary. Your investment has made her life, and the lives of many others like her, remarkably better. Watch her video below to see the impact of your investment.



2018 Core Cabinet

United Way is appreciative of the dedicated volunteers who make up the newly introduced Core Cabinet. These talented volunteers ensure that Core Donors are engaged with the social issues in Calgary and are aware of the opportunities to make a difference in their community.

Cabinet Chair

Matthew Hayes

Committee Members

Eric Stevenson
Shell Canada Limited

Pepsi Keith

Robin Prashad
Pembina Pipeline Corporation

Don't know how much you should give, or the impact that investment could have? Check out our Impact Calculator.


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We value your investment and work diligently to invest it where it is needed most in the community. You are making a meaningful and measurable difference in the lives of many Calgarians.

Impact Calculator

To see the impact your donation could have, use our Impact Calculator.

Tax Credits of Charitable Giving

Giving to United Way has many benefits, both to our community and to you. Your donation of cash, securities, and other assets are eligible for charitable tax credits, which can reduce the federal and provincial income tax you pay each year.

The following chart illustrates the considerable tax savings Core Donors receive at various levels of giving*:

Core Donor Benefits 2018