The Tomorrow Fund

Your legacy, Calgary's bright future


Karen Young, President and CEO

President's Message

The Tomorrow Fund continues to be a testament to the generosity and community spirit of Calgarians, and I am energized by the rich and personal stories of philanthropy revealed by the legacy contributions United Way donors have made to build this fund.

Calgarians of every age and stage value the idea of planning for tomorrow, investing in our future, and seeding change in our community from which many of us may never directly reap rewards. Many Calgarians before us contributed to making our city the warm, friendly, industrious, hard-working and resilient city we enjoy today. With your contributions to the Tomorrow Fund, we too can build a bright future for the next generations of Calgarians, ensuring they have the resources and means to make this a great city for all.

Thank you for considering a future contribution to the Tomorrow Fund, and all that you do to make Calgary a great city for all, today and for the future.

Karen Young
President & CEO

What is the Tomorrow Fund?

Gifts to the Tomorrow Fund are invested long term, paying dividends in the form of community investments in local programs. A gift to the Tomorrow Fund really is the gift that keeps on giving.

The Tomorrow Fund is our COMMUNITY SAVINGS PLAN.

United Way's Legacy Fund

The Tomorrow Fund can support you to build a powerful legacy that reflects your values and vision for the future.

In 2018, distributions from the Tomorrow Fund will provide over $1M of investment income to support local programs and collaborations that create change in three key areas – helping individuals achieve financial stability, ensuring kids are successful, and connecting seniors to their communities.

Read more about the fund’s performance in the 2017 Tomorrow Fund Annual Report.


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Your legacy gift is in good hands and will be stewarded responsibly in the community. Tomorrow Fund gifts are invested and professionally managed by Mawer Investment Management.

The Tomorrow Fund is overseen by a committee of the Board of Directors and community members.

Board of Directors

Adam Waterous, Chair – Waterous Energy Fund

Janet Drage, Vice-Chair – RBC Wealth Management

Bruce McFarlane

John Rossall – Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc.

Ken Skingle – Felesky Flynn LLP

Phil Welch – McDaniel & Associates Consultants Ltd.

Community Members

Robin Auld – Criterium Group

Robi Contrada – BMO Capital Markets

Rod Gatenby – Sun Life Financial

Rick Green – Sagium

Bruce Lukey – Bruce Lukey Consulting

John Masters

Karen Sobel - WorleyParsons Canada

Roc Spence

John Tobin – KPMG



To request more information about the Tomorrow Fund, contact our Planned Giving Team:

Telephone: 403-231-6444



Community Fund

Your gift will support United Way community investments that help individuals achieve financial stability, ensure kids are successful, and connect seniors to their community. Each year, up to 4% of the fund will be directed to priority projects.

Forever Fund

Your gift will be invested and protected, and you may choose an area of interest, such as kids, poverty, or community, or an issue, such as seniors or mental health, you’d like the funds to support permanently as part of United Way’s community investments.

Memorial Fund

Make a tribute gift or create a named fund in honour of your loved one, to establish and continue their legacy in the community. If you wish, a memorial gift or fund may support a specific area of work, such as kids, poverty, or community, or issue as part of United Way’s annual community investments.

Family Fund

You and your family advise United Way annually on the agencies, projects, and issues you’d like to support. Family Funds offer ultimate customization and flexibility to meet your family’s philanthropic values and goals.

Fund-holders and contributors often grow their contributions over time, or use a mix of assets and gifts to build a fund. We work with you to find the best giving option that will work for you.


Current Family Funds held at United Way:

Robi & Teresa Contrada Family Fund

Culbert Family Fund

Felesky Family Fund

Ed Johnson Learning Opportunities Fund

Kanovsky Family Foundation

LAMP Family Fund

Larry & Gloria Macdonald Family Fund

Pam Andrew Marks Fund

E. Jean Moir Endowed Fund

Mann Family Fund

The Van Wielingen Family Fund

Phil & Francine Welch Fund


Heather and Michael Culbert

The Culbert Family Fund

"Philanthropy has always been important to us, and over time we have been involving our kids Sean and Lindsay in our charitable giving. We wanted to do something long term that we knew would make a real difference, and that we could do together as a family. By including our children in the work we are doing in the community and by involving them in making decisions about the causes we support, as a family we are building a legacy across generations.

In 2016, we established the Culbert Family Fund in order to realize our vision of working together with our kids to achieve the greatest possible impact with our charitable investments. Ensuring our community has the supports needed today and into the future is why we chose to create the Culbert Family Fund.

United Way provided us with the flexibility to create a fund that helps us meet our goals in the community, and ensures that our gifts are managed efficiently. They work with us to identify the greatest needs and opportunities to invest in the community, rigorously evaluate the impact of our gifts, and facilitate donations on our behalf to other organizations we support in health and education. Our partnership with United Way ensures we can focus on what matters to us: the impact of our charitable investments."

- Heather and Michael Culbert.