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President's Message

The Tomorrow Fund continues to be a testament to the generosity and community spirit of Calgarians, and I am energized by the rich and personal stories of philanthropy revealed by the legacy contributions United Way donors have made to build this fund.

Calgarians of every age and stage value the idea of planning for tomorrow, investing in our future, and seeding change in our community from which many of us may never directly reap rewards. Many Calgarians before us contributed to making our city the warm, friendly, industrious, hard-working and resilient city we enjoy today. With your contributions to the Tomorrow Fund, we too can build a bright future for the next generations of Calgarians, ensuring they have the resources and means to make this a great city for all.

Thank you for considering a future contribution to the Tomorrow Fund, and all that you do to make Calgary a great city for all, today and for the future.

Karen Young

President & CEO

What is the Tomorrow Fund?

The Tomorrow Fund is United Way of Calgary and Area’s legacy fund and planned giving program. Planned giving offers you another opportunity to build a charitable legacy and to create the future you want for Calgary. Planned effectively, a Tomorrow Fund gift can provide substantial financial benefits and tax savings while ensuring that the issues you care about will continue to be supported in the future. A planned gift to the Tomorrow Fund provides you with flexibility and a wide variety of options to build a lifetime of giving at United Way, ensuring you can continue to make an incredible impact and contribute to a great city for all.

Gifts to the Tomorrow Fund are invested for the long term, paying dividends in the form of community investments in local programs. A gift to the Tomorrow Fund really is the gift that keeps on giving.

The Tomorrow Fund is like a COMMUNITY SAVINGS PLAN.

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The Tomorrow Fund can support you to build a powerful legacy that reflects your values and vision for the future.

Last year, distributions from the Tomorrow Fund provided $965,000 of investment income to support local programs and collaborations that create change in three key areas – helping individuals achieve financial stability, ensuring kids are successful, and connecting seniors to their communities. Read more about the funds performance in the 2017 Tomorrow Fund Annual Report.

Download the Tomorrow Fund brochure

Your legacy gift is in good hands and will be stewarded responsibly in the community. Tomorrow Fund gifts are invested and professionally managed by Mawer Investment Management.

The Tomorrow Fund is overseen by a committee of the Board of Directors.

Adam Waterous, Chair - Waterous Energy Fund
Janet Drage, Vice-Chair - RBC Wealth Management

Rod Gatenby - Sun Life Financial
Bruce Lukey - Bruce Lukey Consulting
Darcy Moch - Bennett Jones
John Rossall - Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc.
Ken Skingle - Felesky Flynn LLP
Karen Sobel - WorleyParsons Canada
Roc Spence - Community Member
Phil Welch - McDaniel & Associates Consultants Ltd.
Andrew Wiswell - Community Member

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Why Become A Promise Donor?

Promise Donors are recognized for their commitment to give a gift in the future. We celebrate Promise Donors for their incredible foresight and generosity in Tomorrow Fund materials and at events.

Sharing your intentions and passions can inspire others to give, and will ensure we are able to honour your wishes and recognize your generosity. Your wishes to remain anonymous will also be respected.

Bruce McFarlane and Janice Heard

Their Way: Bruce McFarlane and Janice Heard

Their Passion: Supporting United Way and our work in the areas of Overcoming Poverty, Successful Kids, and Strong Communities.

Their Plan: Janice and Bruce split their gift between the Community Fund and United Way’s general operating fund, investing in the community as well as in the stability of the organization. Using a joint Life Insurance policy to fund their bequest gift allowed them to plan for a considerable gift in the future. Having their life insurance proceeds flow through their estate instead of directly to United Way gives the couple total flexibility to adjust their plans as needed.


We believe that a planned gift is a very personal commitment to your community. No matter your passions, our team at United Way is here to help you define your goals and design a personalized gift plan. As always, you can count on us for proven community experience, leadership, accountability, and responsible stewardship. We can’t wait to work with you.

Start by making your promise to Calgary. Our promise to you? YOUR PASSION. YOUR PLAN. YOUR WAY.

Request a Tomorrow Fund package

Download a Promise Donor form

Speak to our Planned Giving Officer

Erika Scott
Telephone - 403.231.6444
Email -

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Supporting Your Passions

Legacy giving, Your way

Your passion Your gift planning starts with you, and how you want your gift to be used to benefit the community. We can help you identify impactful opportunities to meet your goals.

Your plan The Tomorrow Fund has flexible fund types and customizable giving options to ensure you can build your giving plan, your way. Speak to a financial advisor about the best giving options for you.

Senyks Photo

Their Way: Craig and Cara Senyk

Their Passion: Community-based charities and Canadian country music artists.

Their Plan: $131,000 to support the Community Fund. Craig and Cara raised the funds for their gift through their annual fundraising event, Jamboree for Charity: Two Stepping for Change.


Read the Annual report for more inspiring stories from United Way donors.

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Fund Options

Community Fund

Direct your gift to where it is needed most. Community Fund gifts are invested, and portion of the income generated from the investments is distributed annually to support programs and initiatives.

Tomorrow Fund's Impact

Forever Fund (Endowments)

A Forever Fund gift is invested and protected so that only the earnings are used to provide stable, annual funding to the community. You can direct earnings from your Forever Fund to support programs, infrastructure, emerging needs, or a specific purpose. Naming and recognition opportunities are available.

Memorial Funds

Memorial Funds ensure your loved ones are remembered now and in the future. Establish a named fund through a single gift or through combined gifts totaling $10,000 or more. Memorial Fund gifts support the Community Fund.

Family Funds

A Family Fund at United Way gives your family the opportunity to customize your Tomorrow Fund investment, allowing you to create a family gift plan to help you give now with immediate tax savings and the same funding flexibility as a private foundation.

Current Family Funds held at United Way:

Robi & Teresa Contrada Family Fund

Felesky Family Fund

Ed Johnson Learning Opportunities

Kanovsky Family Foundation

Larry & Gloria Macdonald Family Fund

Pam Marks Fund

E. Jean Moir Endowed Fund

Mann Family Foundation

The Van Wielingen Family Fund

Phil & Francine Welch Fund

Heather and Mike Culbert web

The Culbert Family Fund

"Philanthropy has always been important to us, and over time we have been involving our kids Sean and Lindsay in our charitable giving. We wanted to do something long term that we knew would make a real difference, and that we could do together as a family. By including our children in the work we are doing in the community and by involving them in making decisions about the causes we support, as a family we are building a legacy across generations.

In 2016, we established the Culbert Family Fund in order to realize our vision of working together with our kids to achieve the greatest possible impact with our charitable investments. Ensuring our community has the supports needed today and into the future is why we chose to create the Culbert Family Fund.

United Way provided us with the flexibility to create a fund that helps us meet our goals in the community, and ensures that our gifts are managed efficiently. They work with us to identify the greatest needs and opportunities to invest in the community, rigorously evaluate the impact of our gifts, and facilitate donations on our behalf to other organizations we support in health and education. Our partnership with United Way ensures we can focus on what matters to us: the impact of our charitable investments."

- Heather and Michael Culbert

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Gift Options

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Carol and Nolan Blades

“We have always been passionate about supporting worthy causes, especially around early learning, prevention, and financial stability. As long term contributors to United Way, we wanted to find additional ways to support the organization that serves our community so well. After careful examination, we decided to include United Way in our estate plan by purchasing a life insurance policy dedicated to the Tomorrow Fund.

This was our way of contributing to our great city, ensuring that our support for United Way will continue long term, and that our gift will make a difference in our community for years to come.”


Bequests – Leave a specific amount or portion of your estate to United Way in your Will. A gift in your Will allows you to maintain complete control, flexibility, privacy and the option to modify your gift at any time.

Cash gifts – Make an outright gift of cash to see your generosity in action today and receive immediate tax benefits.

Gifts of securities – Gift appreciated securities instead of cash. This is one of the most cost- and tax-effective ways to support your passions at United Way.

Life Insurance – Designate United Way as an owner and/or beneficiary of a personal or employer-paid policy, in whole or in part. Life insurance may allow you to make a more significant gift than a traditional cash legacy gift.

Retirement assets – Name United Way as a beneficiary of your qualified retirement plan. This option can offer you tax savings on capital gains of retirement assets you may not need, while simultaneously allowing you to make a transformational gift.

Gifts of property – Donate real estate and land, with the option of retaining use of the property during your lifetime. Like other appreciated assets, gifts of property to United Way can help to reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes.

Learn more at an estate planning seminar:

Request an invite for future seminars

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Will Planning Guide

If you need help on how to get started, including a gift to the Tomorrow Fund, please see our Will Planning Guide.

Download our Will Planning Guide

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2016 Promise Donors

We celebrate the following donors, who are transforming our city with the promise of a future gift:

Harold & Betty Allsopp

John Anderson

R.W. “Bill” Andrew

Jeff Aplin

Susan L. Arnison

Henry & Janet Assen

Brent & Marie Austin

Ravi Bale Family

J. A. Banister

Barnes-Smith Family

Céline Bélanger

Ash & Kanchan Bhasin

Nolan & Carol Blades

Scott Burns & Tracy Wright

Marlie Burtt

David & Kathryn Carey

Monty Carter

Mary & Liam Christie

D. Madge Clarke

Earle W. Clarke

Marcel Coutu & Anne Maxwell

Ed Czaja

Mark A. Dahlman

Dinesh Dattani

Barb, Mick, Stefan & Isabel Dilger

Janet Drage

C. Wallace Drew

Ellen M. & Frank G. Dungen

Bruce E. Edgelow

Shannon Ernst

Andrew Evans & Janice LeDrew

E. Susan & Phil Evans

Patricia & George Fink

Robert & Angelique Fitzmartyn

Tom & Jennifer Foss

Judith Frain

Murray & Elaine Frame

Daniel Goodwin

Patricia & Lorne Gordon

Donald G. Gow & Lorna Earl

Edwin Guinto

Ralph P Haist

Connie Hamilton

Bradey Hansen

Mimi Harris

Karen & Doug Haughey

Gordon & Rikki Haynes

Evan J. Hazell

Linda Hohol

Christine & Lee Horne

Janice Iverson

Barry Jackson

Randy & Anne Karren

Alison Keene

Irv & Maureen Koop

LaBarre Family

John & Sheilagh Langille

Pamela Lawrence & Dan Agapi

Nancy Lever & Alex Pochmursky

Bruce Lukey & Susan Bauerfind

Larry & Gloria Macdonald

John W. Masters & Carol J. Larsen

R. Bruce McFarlane & Janice C. Heard

Neil McIntyre & Kay Greenhorn

Bob & Patti McKendrick

Denise & Shane McMullen

Michele & Bob Michaleski

Eva Moreau

Michael Morin

David Morris

Andrea Morrison

Graydon & Dorothy Morrison

S. D. Nickle Trust

Dick & Beth Olver

Ron & Karen Parent

Steve Pascal

Harry Rex Patching

Aileen Pelzer

Brian & Susan Petersen

David Plamondon

Bill & Maggie Pringle

Brian Prokop & Kathryn Nunn

Ruth & Garry Ramsden-Wood

Gordon M. Ritchie

Bill & Lavina Roberts

Brent & Gail Shervey

Don & Susie Smith

Roc & Lori Spence

Margaret & Andrew Stephens Family Foundation

Susan Swan & Paul Moore

Lloyd Swift

Eric Tong

Jennifer Tremblay

Jill & Russ Tynan

Nollind & Teresa van Bryce

Mac & Susan Van Wielingen

Erin Barr & Jeremy Wallis

J. Walton

Phil & Francine Welch

Kent & Denise Wilfur

Laurel A. Wood

Ray & Agnes Woods

Lorenia & David Wozney

19 Anonymous Promise Donors

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Planned Giving Officer
Telephone - 403.231.6444
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